Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ARBU seeks a mandate - south coast live

The ARBU or Association of recreational Beach Users needs a public mandate and is thus advertising all over the place requesting the public to take a look at our mandate request

The South Coast of KZN  South Africa has a marketing platform at http://southcoastlive.co.za and the ARBU has opted to use this platform, amongst many others.

You can see our social request for your mandate  here

to read the latest request by the minister for comment on the 4x4 ban issue see this page

This new draft legislation is not that vastly different from the current legislation, and it still has no clauses for public access to the Elephant Coast beaches, and no mention is made of the vast job losses associated with this legislation as in this report by KZN Tourism

These issues are very complicated and the government is trying to side step many thorny issues which include
  • lost economic opportunities  as a result of the 4x4 ban
  • environmental impacts of the 4x4 ban on the IWP (iSimangaliso Wetland Park)
  • the tourism impact of the 4x4 ban on the domestic tourism market of the Elephant Coast
  • non compliance of the ICMA by the minister of Environmental affairs
  • non compliance of the ICMA by the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority)
  • Inability of the local municipalities within Umkhanyakude district municipality to comply with the ICMA as a result of the non co-operation of the IWPA (iSimangaliso wetland Park)
ICMA = Integrated Coastal Management Act   act no 24 vof 2008

We will be looking a bit deeper into these matters and be posting more indepth posts soon.  in the mean time we still need your mandate

If you do decide to sign our mandate with AVAAZ.ORG thrn please also ask others to do the same. the more signatures we get the better the influence your mandate will have when we need to use it at public meetings and in our court applications.

many thanx for reading, please comment and ask others to visit our pages to.