Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The purpose of the ARBU

The purpose of the ARBU  or Association of Recreational Beach users is to bring together like minded people, and gather public support to challenge the 4x4 ban and all subsequent legislation which has a negative impact on the coastal Environment within the Elephant Coast of KZN south Africa.

History has clearly shown us the very negative impact of the closure of the Elephant Coast beaches to the regional economy of the Umkhanyakude district Municipality, with KZN Tourism estimating 20 000 (twenty Thousand) plus job losses and large scale economic losses associated with this legislation  as in their occasional paper no 20 which was published and circulated within the KZN tourism web site.

The comment period for the new draft legislation closed on Sunday 31 March 2013 and our comment that we emailed to the advertised email address did not elicit a response of any kind, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

The ARBU has a web presence and this blog is in place to boost that web presence and help the management of the ARBU to gain support from the people on the ground, and a mandate from our supporter base to take the 4x4 ban issue up at the political level.

To contribute to this blog or our collective efforts to have the 4x4 ban issue addressed in a manner that best suits the majority become a supporter and register here or to offer us your personal mandate to take up the issue on your behalf here 

Looking forward to keeping you informed and  working with you and your friends to solve the many thorny issues of recreational beach access to the Elephant Coast beaches.

Please share and advise others of our need for public support to address the 4x4 ban issue.

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